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3 Slices


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Are you ready to take on a deliciously challenging physics game? Look no further than 3 Slices! In this addictive game, you control a slice of pizza as it bounces around a series of platforms, collecting coins along the way. The goal? Gather as many coins as possible before the pizza meets its doom.

Easy Controls, Endless Fun

Playing 3 Slices is a piece of cake (or should we say, pizza!). Simply use the arrow keys to move the pizza slice left and right. Need a boost? Just hit the spacebar to jump. And if you need a quick break, the ‘P’ key will pause the game for you.

Unlock Power-Ups and Rule the Pizza Kingdom

Points make the pizza world go round, and in 3 Slices, coins equal points. Collecting coins will not only boost your score but also unlock exciting power-ups along the way. Here are just a few examples:

  • Double Jump: Take your pizza to new heights with this power-up, allowing you to jump twice in a row.
  • Magnet: Who said pizzas can’t have a magnetic personality? This power-up attracts coins right to your pizza slice.
  • Shield: Keep your pizza intact with this protective power-up, shielding it from any harm.

Embrace the Challenge and Crunch for Victory

As you progress through the game, brace yourself for more platforms and obstacles. But fear not, with a little practice and skill, you’ll be able to conquer them all. Remember these tips:

  • Use the walls to your advantage by bouncing off them to reach higher platforms or dodge obstacles.
  • Watch out for the treacherous spikes! A single touch can cost you a precious life.
  • Don’t forget to utilize those power-ups. They can be your secret weapon for collecting coins and avoiding obstacles.
  • Keep pushing forward! The later levels might test your skills, but with determination, you can overcome any challenge.

The Inside Scoop on 3 Slices

Here’s some extra info to whet your appetite for 3 Slices:

  • The game was crafted by the talented developer, “Pixelsaurus.”
  • 3 Slices made its debut in April 2022, bringing joy to pizza lovers everywhere.
  • You can enjoy 3 Slices for free on various websites, including Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Critics and players have showered 3 Slices with positive reviews, solidifying its place as a must-play game.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a slice of the action and dive into the world of 3 Slices! Visit Grindcraft now to experience this delightful game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Get ready to slice and dice your way to victory!